I describe myself as a “Pastor. Leader. Follower.”  A “pastor” since I have been serving in some form or another as a pastor since 1987 when I took my first position as a church youth director at the ripe age of 19 years old.  A “leader” because I believe God’s best gifts in me are to vision, inspire and encourage people to take positive Christ-centered action in their lives.  A “follower” completes the profile for me because Jesus is the only true leader in the life of the church.  If that is true, then all of us must first be followers of the Lord before we can become anything else.

I have served small, medium and large churches as a pastor across Southern California.  The work in each church has been unique as the people in each of those churches has been unique.  I accepted Christ into my life at age 13 and accepted my call to ministry at age 17.  My education has been life-long and includes a B.A. from Biola University in Biblical Studies and Theology, a Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary and am currently completing my Doctor of Ministry at Boston University.

My wife Bettina and I have been married since 1994 and we have two wonderful adult children in David and Rachel. A life-long Lakers fan, I try and find any way possible to enjoy a game, but in the off-season I am a tepid Dodgers fan.  Travel and golf (hopefully at the same time) are my favorite activities besides cooking.

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